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The Environmental Technology Action Plan (ETAP) aims at promoting environmentally sound technologies (EsT).
One of the priority action of ETAP is the setting up of an European EsT verification system.

A performance verification system will help innovative eco-technologies and innovative small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in gaining access to the market.

TESNET is one of the European projects selected to " test the testing system ".
It is funded by the European Union within the 6th Research Framework Programme.

" An innovative Environmentally sound Technology is a technology which explicitly claims for higher environmental performance compared with existing technology. A verification system will help in proving that the claimed performance is reliable. "

TESTNET short introduction ( PDF - 144K - )

Development of a structure of organisations and of a system for the verification of ready-to-market innovative environmentally sound technologies.

-          the identification of promising EsTs and innovative solutions for verification;
-          the design of a system for testing and verifying new and innovative EsTs;
-          validation of the functionality of the verification system for the selected technology areas and for different types of organisational solutions;
-          a sustainable follow-up of the verification system and networks, including the involvement of relevant stakeholders in the networks.

  • water technologies
  • clean production technologies
  • Environmental monitoring (Air emissions and water treatment)

A Strategically Targeted Research Project (STREP)
                 which began in September 2006, for three years 
                                  involving a consortium of 12 partners 
                                                   and a total cost of 2,9 millions € 
                                                                    co-funded by the European Commission

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